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  1. US Review Of Books


    book review by Mihir Shah

    “If someone is unhappy with the present and the future is at best a blank, the past suddenly becomes the perfect refuge.”

    Ralph Dempsey’s expertise in nuclear physics, particularly in atomic armaments, is on full display during Operation Sapphire, a partnership between the U.S. and Kazakhstan to mitigate the spread of nuclear capabilities. Disabling the bomb with mere seconds left on the timer, it appears that Dr. Dempsey can do no wrong. However, a firestorm of events that sends his life into upheaval is imminent. Though the narrative is crafted on the backdrop of an electric, action-packed plot featuring atomic weapons, the focus on relationships, whether it be the father-son dynamic or the husband and wife one is unmistakable.

    Perhaps the most jarring scene of the entire novel features an inebriated Dempsey in a decrepit apartment, having lost his son Chris to a piloting career in Anchorage, his wife Barbara to divorce, and himself to alcohol. When the author takes a break from the plot’s breakneck speed, there is a distinct aura of philosophical musings, from contemplating “beauty in ugliness” to the idea of embracing or surrendering to fear. With a divided family and seemingly nothing to live for, the entrance of Vince Killgore marks a turning point in Dempsey’s destiny. As a former Air Force member turned arms dealer, Killgore offers Dempsey ten million dollars to help him retrieve the trigger from a B-41 thermonuclear device that was part of the botched, discreet Midnight Sun Operation decades before.

    When Dempsey turns Killgore’s offer down, a flurry of action ensues that reels in the FBI, a shaman with a strong vision of individual destinies, and pits all the main characters together on a mountain in Shishmaref, a small Alaskan village. In many ways, this novel marks the coming-of-age for the entire Dempsey family. It is a meaningful testament to the lengths people will go for the welfare of their families.

  2. The Prairies Book Review

    Midnight Sun by Florian Louisoder
    By The Prairies Book Review •

    BooksCoffee’s review
    Feb 21, 2021

    Fast-paced and smartly crafted… A gripping action thriller.

    A nuclear scientist finds himself embroiled in the buildup of the Cold War weaponry in Louisoder’s page-turning action thriller. When the Cold War ends and the arms race between the Superpowers stops, Ralph Dempsey, a nuclear weapons expert, finds himself losing his job. With his personal and professional life in shambles, Ralph is at the brink of despair. When an international arms dealer approaches Ralph with an offer of millions in cash in exchange for recovering bomb-grade nuclear material, Ralph refuses point black. Soon, the terrorists kidnap Ralph’s older son. Ralph has no option but to brace himself for a fight against sinister forces. Louisoder’s portrayal of bomb-grade nuclear material lost during the Cold War and its subsequent recovery by unsavory elements serves as a fascinating backdrop for the action plot. Louisoder deftly provides small details to show Ralph’s human side, offset by his many obvious failures as a husband and father and cunning of his enemies. The sympathetic portrayal of Ralph’s son, Brian, adds depth. The action shifts smoothly among the various story threads, and expertly rendered fight scenes fill out the fast-paced plot. Readers will welcome all the high-tech nuclear jargon as well as protagonists who would go to any length to save the lives of the ones they love. Although family ties and relationships are an important part of the plot, this is an action thriller at heart with focus on high stakes terrorist activities and espionage. Readers will hope the courageous father-son duo returns soon.

  3. Kseniya

    5.0 out of 5 stars Absorbing and spectacular journey
    Reviewed in the United States on December 24, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    This is my second book by the author, Florian Louisoder, and it was a captivating reading, as they say “page-turner”, although I found myself dwelling on some moments of deep wisdom and life lessons that author so masterfully incorporates into the story.
    The journey itself is highly visual, as in the first book I read. It took me on moment by moment journey where I couldn’t anticipate what would happen next; perfectly described, I saw the whole book as complete motion picture in my head.
    There is also a profound knowledge and a definite sense of humor that are sprinkled throughout the book, making it charming and educational.
    What I also love about Mr. Louisoder’s characters is that he doesn’t portray kids as weak or inadequate. They often save the day, or at least teach adults some good lessons. The characters also stay with me for a while, their charm and life lessons sit with me after reading, so even though I may be reading a fictional story, the characters’ realizations are most real.

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